This so far has been my favorite yet! I had been fascinated with the stack smoothies that food artists post on their social media, always wondering how they make magic happen!. If you follow my social media you know I had such of great time building my own smoothie that I even wrote a song for it!!

So, if you got sometime, noise resistant ears and one minute to mock on me.. please pass by my social networks and enjoy my song.

Now! Lets get it done:


Chai Pudding

1 ½ Cups of Almond Milk

2 spoons of Vanilla Yogurt

½ Cup of Chai Seeds

3 dops of Vanilla extract

¼ tbsp of Maple Syrup (Organic as preference)

Smootie Mix

1 thick slice of ripe mango

2/3 of a banana

2/3 of starfruit

2 Strawberries, onevery thinly sliced, the other one for later décor use

Deb crushed Vanilla, almond granola

Few Blueberries for decoration

Star shape cutout of a Pitaya (optional decoration)

(Those Ingredients make one bowl of smoothie)

Mix all the ingredients for the Chai Pudding on a sealed container and place them in the fridge overnight.

Cut a thin slice of the starfruit to use later as decoration.

Freeze the slice of mango, 2/3 of banana, the remaining starfruit overnight.

Next morning remove the fruit from the freezer, allow them to unfroze for 15 minutes, and then mix in your blender.

Remove the chai pudding from the fridge making sure that it has a thick consistency and the chia seeds have gelled.

Pour 2/3 of the Chai Pudding on your Bowl. Then, pour the smoothie mix.

Carefully place the thin strawberries slices against the bowl, firmly pressing to remove the excess of liquid between the glass and the berries.

Pour the rest of Chai pudding.

Top with the granola, blueberries, the remaining strawberry and the starfish slice for decoration.

#nomnomnom ! Enjoy immediately!


I thought that I’d be neat for you to be informed on how this smoothie is a blessing to your body and that’s the purpose of this end note.

Besides all the vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, nutritional and metabolic benefits from the fruits on this smoothie, you will also be consuming a good amount of Chai seed. Chai seed is a low caloric super food that has proven to be highly nutritional. Most of the carbs on it are fiber and it is rich in protein, for which it is a great add for those who are seeking into lose weight and It is also loaded with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids,

So, now you that know you incredible benefits for body health on this beverage, you better  getting ready to make yourself a good smoothie

And if you like this please let me know commenting bellow and if you love it, please share!

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