Having taken the time to figure out how to make this delicious bowl of cereal, I decided to post the recipe, then I thought… NAH, It’s too obvious. I mean who doesn’t know how to make a bowl of cereal?

I confess that it felt a little ridiculous for a moment, But then I thought to my self,” Heeey!, I didn’t know how to make this and had to do a little research on it, so someone else probably feels the same, right?

So, even when for most of you this is probably a piece of cake (and it is), I’m posting it for those of us who aren’t geniuses in the art of cooking.

So here we go:


1 cup of plain or vanilla yogurt

½ pack of fruit blend of your choice

1/3 cup of granola

½ banana sliced in thinly

Strawberries crop in halves


(This portions make one bowl)

Use your blender to mix 1 cup of yogurt with ½ pack of fruit blend.

Place it in a low cereal bowl.

Carefully spread 1/3 cup of granola on the top of the mix (you can use more granola if you want, but this is a pretty filling portion)

Use your sense of aesthetic to decor your bowl with the banana, strawberries and blueberries.

That easy, Enjoy!