Having a toned fit body is pretty much the goal of everybody.

Living a healthy lifestyle brought me to the realization that there isn’t possible way to achieve that goal if there is no effort, dedication, and good a diet always accompanied by a workout routine that is adjusted to every individual’s necessities.

There are out there thousands of products in the market that promise a dream body with no effort, and true is that even when some of those supplements could contribute to enhance the results… there’s not change happening to your body if you do not work for it.

Having said this, I’m an advocate for every body shapes so long as it is in pursuit of being healthy. It’s an unrealistic thought that we all could be a size zero or two, matter the fact, that would be boring, but we can all make healthy decisions that not only make us look better but feel better. Determination to keep up with a healthy lifestyle will necessarily have a positive impact in the way our body looks like. Now, weather we achieve the stereotypical “perfect body”, or not, doesn’t dictate the beauty of our body

I cheer to the ideology that all body types are beautiful and I deeply admire all people who work hard to keep up with healthy habits independently of what they look like.

Following this ideology and pursuing a healthy lifestyle I’ll be posting exercises routines and dietary tips that have work for me to achieve a toned body!

Remember, only effort and dedication will get you closer to what you are looking for. No pain, no glory is a true statement… But I promise you that I’ll keep painfully fun!

So keep tuned to my blog!!

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    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Yes, this is a saying that I love.. Your body is the only place in the world where you HAVE to be.
      So, we better take care of it right?
      Have an awesome day!

  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I think that is maybe the best approach to health and beauty. To build up health, not only in the body, but also in mind and spirit, will naturally yield a more robust, attractive, and beautiful person, inside and outside. Sometimes I get fixated on one or two little details like how many calories I’ve had, or how much of this or that food or drink I’ve consumed, but then I ignore the big picture, like how much exercise and activity I’ve done overall, and everything else. After being sick for about three weeks, I’ve learned to really appreciate just waking up healthy in the morning, it is the greatest blessing, and I want to keep it up, and build my health strong, with a good solid foundation, and then I think other blessings and benefits will follow.
    Have a good weekend Rosanna

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Such of beautiful comment! I agree with you 1000% Keep up with the good work and incorporating healthy habits to your lifestyle!
      Thanks for commenting ! Love to read you

  2. Matt (Mateo) Patterson
    Matt (Mateo) Patterson says:

    Hi Rosanna,

    Great article, I totally agree! I’ve dropped by body fat % significantly over the pat two months just by focusing on healthy habits and lifestyle and the changes have followed!

    Have a good day!

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      It’s so wonderful to read that ! That’s the way it should be! Im happy for you !
      Thanks for participating!

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