Our soul needs nurturing; the habitual fundamentals of every-day life can easily become heavy baggage. So it’s only natural that every once and awhile we feel compelled to leave the noise of the modern world and reunite with nature. I was in desperate need of this when I happened across the Azulik Hotel.

The Azuilik markets itself as this funky, bohemian, ecofriendly nature retreat, which is exactly what I was craving.

If you check its website, , you’ll see all this dreamy imagery. Thatch roof huts, natural wood construction, electric blue ocean contrasting against dense jungle vegetation, white beach, hammocks and these lovely swings facing the sea.

It is located just outside of Tulum, México, two hours south of Cancun, so you will need a transportation to get there. Whether it’s a private car service, taxi or bus is up to you. I wasn’t in the mood for a bus so private car it was.

So I want you to think about finding a treasure trove: it gets better and better the more you find!, Right!? Well, that’s what getting to Azulik is like. It has a modest entrance made of intricately woven wood sticks, from where you can’t see much of the hotel. It’s nothing pompous, but beautiful enough to entice you to go deeper. It’s a real life Jumanji. I immediately knew I was somewhere special.

I checked in with the most attentive and sweet people from Tulum. They even assigned me an “angel”, a person who’s mission is to make sure that you have a friendly introduction to the Hotel. He kindly gave me a tour of the property and educate me on the hotel’s attitude. As we toured the song Hakuna Matata kept playing in my head. He then delivered me to my beautiful “Sky Villa”. On one side of me was nothing but ocean and the other, jungle dotted with all these thatch hut roofs poking up from the foliage. It reminded me of a lost Mayan village.

Once I settled in I could sense something was different. Instead of using all my energy to make it through the day I was charging, reenergizing. The feel of the place is so serene and secluded it not only you let the craziness of the world go but the world releases you as well.

Let me reflect a little here for those of you who might be wondering what I am talking about. Azulik is an: “off-the grid” Eco-resort with no electricity no TV, no WiFi, etc. You’re there to embrace the environment. Some of you might struggle with that, but this is why you go, this is what is so special about Azulik.

If you can’t remove yourself from all of it then this probably isn’t the place for you, but if you can you are going to have the opportunity to reconnect with your self by enjoying introspective thoughts, listening to nature, taking in incredible night skies, and perhaps some unadulterated time with someone you love, specially at night when candles are lit at the villas and romanticism knocks at the doors. It’s all there for you if you let it happen.

My Sky Villa was a dream. I mean who didn’t wish for the coolest Tree House as a child? It’s An open-air, genuine tree house with a 180 degree view of turquoise Maya Rivera coastline. It even has a balcony porch swing where I took several catnaps, admired the almost unreal crystal clear water, and gazed upon the countless stars illuminating the night sky. There’s also a little pool, more like a big mosaic bathtub, just off the balcony where you can relax and drift away the hours in the afternoon sun. There is no air-conditioning so you are at the mercy of the weather, but the median temperature is around 27C or 80F so there is no need, especially since the offshore breeze refreshes the villa.

The bohemian theme that carries throughout the resort really heightens at the villas. My bed was round,comfortable,anddraped with mosquito netting; a touch I find quite exciting because each morning I would wake up feeling like a bohemian princess. Oh wait!  I’m a bohemian princess!, LOL.

The Villas don’t have private showers. That probably is the only thing I would add, in case that you are sharing it with someone who isn’t your main squeeze, however each room has a beautiful mosaic bath tub that did the trick.

There is no music or TV, so I tuned in to my inner child and sang to liven up my experience. Don’t laugh but the Lion King’s Hakuna Matata still hasn’t left me.

Outside of my Villa everything is equally fascinating! At times I felt like I woke up shipwrecked in Johann Wyss’s book “The Swiss Family Robinson, except there was a beach bar with passion fruit mojitos and a Mayan Spa. Were those in the book? The spa is the hotel’s sanctuary. It’s all out in the open, except for the steam bath, which is in a funky spherical structure they call the “Mayan Sweat Lodge,” so once again you’re in that theme of being connected to nature.

Azulik also has beautiful private beach where clothing is optional. And something I find fabulous is the fact that they consent relationships of all kind because all that matters is love and the communion with nature.

If you are looking for a real vacation, meaning stress-free disconnected time, I encongare you to try Azulik.  This is a hotel everyone should experience at least once. It has as much to do with what you want to experience as well as what you want to let go, and by all means, bring someone you love. I can’t wait to visit again!

PHOTO CREDIT:  In this adventure I spent some awesome time with a good old friend,  FueTT , a talking cardboard box who likes to travel, make friends, enjoy life and take photos!

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  1. Lauren C.
    Lauren C. says:

    This place looks so wonderful!
    I’ve always dreamed to visit Tulum.
    If I ever go this is the the place where I’d love to stay

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for reading my blog ! 🙂
      You are absolutely right! Azulik is so wonderful. It’s Really something else.
      You should totally go to Mexico! People are awesome, and if you visit Tulum !
      Try this hotel!

  2. Ingrid_DV
    Ingrid_DV says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! This looks like a perfect place to take a real vacation.
    No TV, no electricity, no phones! I’m down.

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Hi dear friend! I’m so glad you like and definitely hope you visit there ! It’s just wonderful !

  3. Chaz Niell
    Chaz Niell says:

    This place looks amazing. Yesterday I saw some of your pics here and said this place is intriguing. Now after reading your blog I’m thinking my 19year anniversary with my wife in August. It would be perfect for me for I’d just be coming back from working in Europe for about 5 weeks and I could use an off the grid experience! I’m a tennis photographer and would be coming from covering the European Gran Slams. Question do you think the 4 days are just the right amount of days or 5-7 ? And lastly how was the food?

    Have a blessed holiday season.


    Instagram under globalocity

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Hi dear reader, First of all, thanks for taking time to visit my blog!,
      You are in the right track to have an unforgettable anniversary. Azulik is such of romantic and intimate place. It will be just you and you wife! no stress, no distraction.
      About your question…. I might be a little bias here! I would stay my whole life there if I could! LOL.
      Now, seriously, I stayed four days with them, and it can be enough. However, I personally wish I had stayed longer. I wanted more relaxation, more time with myself, more time to think about life, and also more time to go have fun in Tulum.
      So, if you also want to experience the town, swim at some Cenotes, eat awesome Mexican food, ride bikes around, and If you have the time , I’d definitely go for a whole week.

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Querida! gracias por visitar mi blog ! Si, tienes toda ala razón ! Azulik is un lugar muy hermoso ! No te imaginas cuanto quiero volver !

  4. Christopher Boyi
    Christopher Boyi says:

    I sincerely like your works and the depth of knowledge you are imparting through the lens of your cameras by seeing the world’s most beautiful sceneries, which to us is like a dream….Happy holidays!!!

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