This secluded paradise just a few miles off the pacific coats of Mexico is just to die for. The uniqueness and beauty of this place may have a shocking past. It’s rumored that in early 1900’s this Islands were used to practice bomb targeting, which along with the underwater volcano eruptions created the picturesque scenery of the Islands.

Marietas is home and destination of a vast variety of stunning wildlife, making it a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve. I can’t wait to see the humpback whales and to visit the La Playa de Amor (The Hidden Beach).



Way down South to the bottom of Portugal lays the region Algarve. This place is beautiful beach central and has it all. Gorgeous Beach caves, grottos and towering multiform rock formations adorn the landscape. If you haven’t figure it out yet, a common denominator for me is water. Algarve is also bathed by a wonderful warm blue mass of water. But there’s more to Algarve than just its beaches. There is also a pretty decent nightlife scene for those seeking a little more entertainment than sun worshiping. As if!



Is there any top ten-destination Bucket list that doesn’t include the Maldives? I highly doubt it. This is just a favorite place for everybody, specially for those like me who can’t get enough crystal clear blue water, fine white sand and warm sun over their heads. And there’s something else… you can literally go to swim in a Sea of Stars!


bucket1I want to go on a safari to observe wild big cats. Since I was a little girl I’ve been fantasizing to see them running wild in the African savannah, especially Cheetahs since they are my favorite animals. This is a tough mission because cheetahs are known to be very elusive which makes it a big challenge. I just want to see them so bad, and it seems like Lewa Wildlife Conservatory in Kenya is one of those places where I might have the chance… not guaranteed.. but I’ll take it  !! Yay !



There’s no triangle scary story enough to stop me from visiting Bermuda. I’ve been here once and it is one of the most beautiful Islands in this world. Besides the amazing landscape and adorable pastel colored houses the people there are some of the nicest I have met. You’re going to have to excuse me because I’m going to go off on the color of the water again because it is unbelievable! If you ever visit Bermuda make sure you visit Elbow Beach, It has the most beautiful pink sanded beach, yes… you read it right … PINK!!!!



This is a new one for me! I was searching for rare beaches on the Internet and this one just pop out! It blew my mind. Its name is given due to its unusual geology, which resembles the soaring arches of Gothic cathedrals. This is really something to see!!



Architecture of Oia town on Santorini

These Greek Islands seem taken out off a fairytale. I honestly don’t know much about them but they just so freaking cute and I really want to go walk their pretty little streets and look white and colorful buildings and enjoy the sunset! No doubt a must go !




This Indonesian Island is definitely a must go destination for beach lovers!

I have been dreaming of visiting to Bali and I only want to wake up to go book my flight !



Ironically, being Colombian I have never been to one of my top ten dreamed destinations. This place is just magic and it is literally the most beautiful river of the world. Caño Cristales is also known as the Seven Color River. True to its name, its vibrant colors come from the colored algae that populate the water. Even getting there is an adventure. It’s a remote but safe part of my home country. Here’s the best part, it’s really affordable to get there.



Elephants… ✓; Amazing beaches… ✓, groovy temples… ✓, sweetest people in the world… ✓, and my favorite food of all kind … ✓ Thailand is my dreamland vacation!

I had a hard time picking just ten favorite destinations, I’m passioned traveler and there are so many other places where I absolutely  have to go in my lifetime.

I’d be happy to read what you think about them and even more happy for you to tell me about amazing destinations that I might not know  about!

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    Hello Rosanna. I enjoy much your Instagram. Enough to send you a message through here. Keep up the good work! And get back at me.


    • Rosnna Cordoba
      Rosnna Cordoba says:

      Thank you Terry ! I really appreciate you taking your time to show me love and support! I hope to see you here often! let me know what do you think of the 10 destinations and if you have any other suggested places that I should visit !!! 😀

  2. Graeme Sneddon
    Graeme Sneddon says:

    Just a few suggestions….I’m sure you will love these places:
    Dubrovnik, Croatia;
    Positano, Italy
    Capri, Italy
    Bellagio, Italy
    Yosemite National Park, California
    Brienz, Switzerland
    Happy travelling 🙂

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      I will research on those ! I’m petty sure those are wonderful destinations.I have been to Bellagio ! It is to die for.
      Are you Italian?,,,, seems like Italy is big on you !

      • Doug
        Doug says:

        Haha! No, I’m not Italian! I’m from the UK but I’ve been in Australia for many years now! I spent two months in Turkey, Italy, Croatia and Greece last year! Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Lombok earlier this year. Back in Cambodia next month for 4 weeks. Then Spain and Portugal for two months next year! I need some Spanish lessons! 😜

      • Doug
        Doug says:

        Haha, no I’m not Italian….I’m from the U.K but I’ve lived in Australia for many years.
        I spent two months last year in Turkey, Croatia, Greece and Italy….Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Lombok this year. I’m back in Cambodia next month then going to Spain and Portugal in May……I need some Spanish lessons for Barcelona! 😜

  3. Graeme Sneddon
    Graeme Sneddon says:

    Also Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Koh Samui, Thailand
    Halong Bay, Vietnam
    Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia
    Amed, Bali
    ……and lots more! 😄

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Have you been to all of those!!!??? I’ll be in Thailand in December, Koh Samui is on the list! YAY!

      • Doug
        Doug says:

        Yes! I’ve been in all of these places!😄
        Koh Samui is great! Go out to some of the islands….Koh Nang Yaun is amazing but a bit spoiled by too many tourists! Happy traveling! ✈️✈️

  4. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    These look like beautiful and fantastic places. For a more northern flavor, I’d like to see the fjords in Norway someday. And also the old castles in Europe.

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Oh trust me … I’m dying to go see the northern lights !!!!! But I’m a warm blog person so my top 10 tends to be in warmer geographies but Norway, Finland, Iceland, they are all in my bucket list! I hope I have enough life and resources to visit all of them!

  5. Jose
    Jose says:

    Hola rosanna veo siempre que usted es una mujer muy solar y linda me encante seguirle, la mujer que ama la familia como usted son pocas y esto le da mas hermusura a lo que ya usted es….de toda manera yo soy jose vivo en bali indonesia soy italiano y me encantaria conocerle. Bali creo por lo que entendi es una meta que aun usted no a llegado….le espero….claro todos los gastos a mi cargo😃besos

  6. Jose
    Jose says:

    Hola rosanna veo siempre que usted es una mujer muy solar y linda me encante seguirle, la mujer que ama la familia como usted son pocas y esto le da mas hermusura a lo que ya usted es….de toda manera yo soy jose vivo en bali indonesia soy italiano y me encantaria conocerle. Bali creo por lo que entendi es una meta que aun usted no a llegado….le espero….claro todos los gastos a mi cargo😃besos

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Gracias Jose por tu respaldo, si, Bali es uno de los lugares que quiero visitar en mi tiempo de vida y aun no he ido ! Espero que Dios mediante, en Febrero voy a poder ir a visitar. Me emociona!

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      I researched on Playa de las Catedrales, Spain… OMG !!! It gets really really busy !:
      but guess what… most tourists aren’t exactly early birds… It always works for me… Get up really early in the morning and take the whole place for me!!!

  7. Talitha
    Talitha says:

    Great photos Rosanna! I can’t believe that we didn’t all go to CAÑO CRISTALES when we were there for your wedding. We certainly talked about it! Next Columbia trip, deal?

    I’m thinking that Bali sounds nice… let’s go!!!! <3

  8. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I’ve got Maldives and Portugal in my sights but definitely adding Spain and Mexico to my list as well. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      you are very welcome !!!! you need to add Tulum, Mexico to the list !!!! I just was there ! OMG !

  9. Adam
    Adam says:

    Thailand is amazing, Koh samui, phi phi island & Koh toa are beautiful for the water. Doi inthanon & doi suthep in Chiang Mai are also great places. Great barrier reef in Australia is nice to

    • Rosanna Cordoba
      Rosanna Cordoba says:

      Im finally going to Thailand! I’ll ve in Koh Samui and will go see the elephants at Golden Triangle !!! I’m so excited!

  10. Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell says:

    Hey Rosana, I like your bucket list of destinations. I have traveled a bit and will definitely add some your list to my list. The southern Portugal beach looks fantastic, I also am not fearful of taking a Bermuda trip. Although, I want to golf when I get there. Let me turn you on to a few places I have been. Iceland was beautiful with huge waterfalls, geysers, thermal pools, glaciers. They also have a black sand beach. Costa Rica was visually stimulating also, with lots of diverse animal life to observe. Lastly I want to go, to the Tahiti islands and to Madeira island. Remember to keep traveling, Paul

  11. Thom
    Thom says:

    What a beautifull places u mentioned!!
    I went to two of these, bali and thailand. Such great countries with nice weather and inspirational culture. I am going to south africa about a few months and I hope the beaches, nice weather and culture is as good as in asia. It’s a new experience and not the last one. I would like to hear ur opinion!?
    Kind regards

  12. Thom
    Thom says:

    By the way, if ur still in thailand. If U like to discover beautiful secret beaches by scooter? And u like to have great beaches for urself. U have to visit koh yao yai nearby phuket.

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